14 November 2016

Winter 2016

Regular Hours begin December 2nd:

Thursday & Friday  1-4
Saturday  11-4
Sunday  12-4


As I sat to prepare the seasonal newsletter, it was a stunning late autumn day.  Production in the workshop began late this year with the extended growing season taking centre stage.  After a slow and steady start, the gardens and the honeybees burst into bloom.  It was an amazing season unlike any other.  For the first time ever, flowers from the gardens made their way to thanksgiving tables with the gardens flowering well into October. 

But, the ideas which have been spilling out onto the pages of the "Winter 2016" journal have begun to materialize as the workshop moves with a creative passion inspired by the possibilities of this most glorious of seasons.  As the days pass and we prepare for your visits, the joy, for us, and I hope you as well, really is in the details. 

Although it often takes a dusting of snow to spark the imagination and truly turn our thoughts towards the sweet familiarity of the holidays, we've been busy at work preparing for you with wood, wire, fabric and clay, greens wild foraged and market ordered, with a vision that explores and shares my love of handmade, mother nature and an ever increasing addition to the rustic yet urban naturalness of nordic design.  

And, I'm so excited to tell you that WREATHS will once again make their way to the shop.  Locally made for Moss Cottage from local evergreen goodness, they will take their rightful place among the greens and baskets, candles and carefully curated handmade goodness you have come to expect.  

If you've been thinking about gathering up a girlfriend or two for a relaxing night of handmade DIY then you'll want to take a look at our Christmas School schedule ~ A collection of creative workshops for the festive season are available for registration here.

So, take time to pause, to reflect, to plan, to lose yourself in thought about family, friends and join us as we share out most memorable magic, we are so looking forward to having you here ~  

Cheers and blessings of the season.  I appreciate you all. 

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